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5 ways of zoning the interior:

  1. Zoning is furnished. In every zone, whether it is a kitchen, a dining room or a living room, there are central objects: in the kitchen there is a stove or work surface, in the dining room there is a table, in the living room there is a fireplace or TV. For the zoning by furniture, it is sufficient to correctly place these central objects in the room, and then, to build around them other pieces of furniture so that you can comfortably move between them.
  2.  Zoning by ceiling. This method is only applicable in rooms with high ceilings, since for ceiling zoning it is necessary to lower the ceiling above the area that we want to visually separate. Usually this method is used in the kitchen when it is necessary to lower the cooker hood or duct.
  3. Zoning of the floor. This method is used for zoning the kitchen in a common space, it is as if raised to the podium, and the floor can be also zoned using different floor coverings.
  4. Zoning with light partitions. This method of zoning allows you to see what happens behind the partition, but clearly differentiate between different zones.
  5. Zoning with glass walls. It is used mainly for differentiation in bathrooms and in the kitchen, less often zoning with glass partitions is used in halls and living rooms.
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