Design Tricks

4 ideas for decoration of balconies and loggias:

1. The design of the balcony or loggia under the office. In order to create an atmosphere of the office on the balcony you need a minimum of furniture and a little imagination. A small table, a computer chair and a few shelves for small things, that's all it takes to create a workplace. For more comfort in the interior of the loggia and the design of the balcony you can place a small sofa, then in your office there will be an additional rest area.

2. Transformation of the loggia interior to the workshop. The workshop is essentially the same office, with the only difference being that the table here needs a little more than for a laptop, after all, creative individuals usually do everything on a grand scale. You can also put in the workshop a small comfortable pouf and a compact cabinet for all the necessary tools. For a creative person it is very important to have a corner in the house where you can realize your fantasies and ideas.

3. Arrangement of a balcony or loggia under the winter garden or a greenhouse. Since almost all plants love light, good lighting is very important for creating a greenhouse. Also you need to take care of additional isolation of the balcony, as many plants do not like drafts. If desired, you can arrange an additional recreation area in your winter garden, using a small sofa for this.

4. Transformation of the interior design of the loggia under the dining room. To free up more space in the kitchen, you can dream up and take out a place for dining out of it, a loggia and a balcony combined with a kitchen are suitable for this as well as possible. Especially if a wonderful landscape opens from the windows of the newly-opened dining room. To organize the dining room you only need a kitchen table and several chairs. The rest of the interior details depend on your imagination.

Successful experiments!

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