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8 tricks for a small bathroom

  • the main principle of a small bathroom is a minimum of details, a maximum of functionality, do not litter a small bathroom with accessories, it will only emphasize its modest dimensions;
  • the interior of the bathroom in light shades admirably reflects the light and visually increases the space;so that the small bathroom visually seemed larger, it is desirable to use a glossy tiles of light colors, since the glossy surfaces reflect the light much better than the matte ones;
  • also, to visually increase the bathroom space, use mirrors, for this you can decorate one of the walls by mirror;the use of suspended plumbing in the bathroom, first, unloads the space of the room itself, and secondly, visually makes it more light and airy;
  • to expand the boundaries of the bathroom on one of the walls you can apply a drawing with a perspective, you can realize this effect with moisture-resistant facade paints;
  • if you replace the bath with a compact shower, you can save twice as much space, and for fans of bathroom procedures, you can always pick up a corner bath that does not take up much space;
  • a large number of different light sources can also visually expand the bathroom space: the correct use of incandescent lighting, sconces and candles, in addition to the main light source, provide additional light flows and optically increase the space of a small bathroom room.
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