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Color combination in the kithen

Choosing a color palette for decorating the kitchen, pay attention to some details that will help you make your interior harmonious and comfortable:

  • decorate the kitchen in several colors, but do not forget that using more than 3 shades you risk losing the main idea of the design of the room;
  • if the color of the walls and the kitchen set match, the shade of furniture should be chosen darker by one two positions;
  • floor and ceiling should be carried out in different colors and textures, otherwise it can lead to an imbalance in the room volume;
  • wall panel and countertop is desirable must be drawn in opposite colors from the kitchen set, as the game on the contrasts will help to place the necessary accents;
  • provided that the furniture in the kitchen will be light shades, the curtains, walls, table cloth and upholstery for the sofa and chairs should take the accent, applying more bright and catchy colors;
  • if the walls of the kitchen are painted in bright colors, then the kitchen set should be made in quiet shades and vice versa.

Examples of a color combination in the kitchen:

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