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Color combination in the living room

The color palette of the living room can be very diverse, while displaying any preferences and wishes of the owner of the house, the main criterion in this case is a harmonious combination of them.

Let's consider various variants of application of color solutions:

  1. Monochrome combination of shades of the same color. A competent approach allows organically combining monochrome shades of the same color, because designers have up to 50 shades of each color, which means that even a room in gray tones can be made ideal.
  2. Polychrome decoration of the room is a combination of 3 colors. In this case, colors can be very diverse. For a harmonious selection of colors there is one trick - the color wheel. In order to choose the same 3 colors, you need to apply an equilateral triangle to the circle of colors, the colors that the three vertices will indicate and will be sought.
  3. Harmonious color solution - is the observance of the rule of saturation of colors in the interior. This rule states that each color should be of equal intensity, and the total amount of surfaces to be painted does not exceed 40%.
  4. The background of the living room decorating should be light, and the furniture and textiles should be painted with more saturated colors, which will harmoniously decorate the space and at the same time place the necessary accents with the help of color.
  5. The choice of colours and shades  is different for everyone, you just need to choose their combination correctly, so that they harmoniously fit in the interior. Using, for example, two shades like lime and plum, you can easily zonate space, to divide the living room into a work area and rest area.
Examples of color combinations in the design of the living room:

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