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8 ways to visually increase the space of the kitchen

  1. The kitchen in bright colors visually expands the boundaries of space, because of the reflection of light from the surfaces. Therefore, for the design of small kitchens it is desirable to use white, beige and all pastel shades of colors.
  2. Furniture for the kitchen is desirable to choose the same colors with light walls, so it will be able to merge with space and dissolve in it.
  3. Any kitchen should be as ergonomic as possible, for this, the main elements should be in the following order: refrigerator - sink - work surface. At the same time, the natural process of handling food is observed and the kitchen becomes functional, especially for small kitchens.
  4. Glossy surfaces also perfectly reflect the light and visually increase the space of the kitchen, so when choosing furniture, pay attention to it.
  5. The maximum natural lighting will help the kitchen to be perceived more spacious, for this purpose it is best to use light translucent or light curtains.
  6. In order to visually increase the window and the height of the ceiling in the kitchen, it is enough to hang the cornice slightly above the top edge of the window.
  7. Zonal use of artificial light is also capable of visually increasing the space of the kitchen. To do this, it is necessary to highlight the dining table and all working surfaces with light.
  8. Use accessories (pictures or photos) to distract attention from the size of the kitchen, in addition, they will make the kitchen space more cozy.

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