Loft - a modern style of interior design, which began to in the postindustrial age. Its popularity with each year only increases, and therefore see the loft in the interior can be quite often.

For whom is the loft-style design suitable and what are its features?

The main feature that a loft house or room possesses is a minimum number of partitions or their absence.
The second feature is the presence in the interior of industrial features. House in the loft-style - it's rough plaster on the walls or at all "bare" walls, brickwork. Very often an imitation masonry is created. The main "law" of this style says - the simpler the walls look, the better.

It is enough to look at the style of the loft in the interior, to understand - the furniture performs not one but several roles at once. On the one hand, it is used for its functional purpose, and on the other hand, it is with furniture that the necessary zoning effect is achieved. In this case, the furniture itself does not have to be modern. The best combination will be a combination of new furniture and antiques.

Another important component of this style is considered to be very high ceilings, which must necessarily be light. In general, a loft bath, a loft-style kitchen, and any loft-style room assumes sufficient space and a maximum of light.

If we talk about who is best suited loft design, it is worth noting that it is clearly designed for economical people. Style loft in the interior does not involve large financial investments. Expensive furniture is not at all obligatory, for the zoning of space, old furniture from the attic is also excellent. Also there is an opportunity to save on finishing. An apartment in the loft style will be a real godsend for young people who, with limits and restrictions, prefer a craving for originality and maximum freedom in everything. They hate all the banal, and therefore choose for themselves the interior design in the loft style. In addition, this style is sure to be chosen by representatives of creative professions, because it is in this style that you can equip a room for exhibitions or a workshop. And the loft style will give an opportunity to show all your imagination when decorating apartments with free planning.

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