A huge amount of furniture and a complete lack of space. Living in such an apartment is quite difficult, but, unfortunately, that's how many people live. To correct the situation will help design an apartment in the style of minimalism, in which there is no room for a huge number of partitions, furniture and walls. Apartment in minimalism style  implies a maximum of free space and a minimum of cluttering with various items. If we pay attention to design in the style of minimalism, then we will not find on it things that do not have a certain functional purpose. Living room in minimalism style – this is a cozy place where you can spend time, both the owners of the apartment and their dear guests.

Consider the 5 main elements of this style:

1. Natural colors. The main shades of minimalism are white, black, gray, beige and the color of natural wood.

2. The presence of empty space. Kitchen in the style of minimalism, as well as the living room, children's room and other rooms always have empty spaces, but designers think everything so precisely that these spaces do not create a feeling of some kind of abandonment. They make life more comfortable, and not boring, have to comfort and rest.

3. Use of textured materials. The minimalism style does not accept decor elements in their traditional understanding, and accents are created due to textured materials, for example, brickwork, elements made of wood or uneven plaster.

4. All attention to the light. Due to the presence of empty spaces, light is given almost the key value. Apartment in the style of minimalism requires competent and thoughtful lighting, thanks to which it is possible to emphasize the beauty of the whole room as a whole.

5. Exclusive and functional furniture. The furniture made of genuine leather, which attracts attention with its beauty, perfectly complements the minimalist design and becomes an integral part of it.

To decorate the interior of an apartment in the style of minimalism, you should remove from the eye all unnecessary and non-functional, to abandon complex compositions in favor of maximum simplicity. Use simple colors and do not forget about the details (lamps, vases, etc.), remembering that these are the details that should emphasize the beauty of the interior, and not the interior should obey details.

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