Mistakes of the interior

9 hallway design mistakes

  1. The most common mistake in the design of the hallway is its elimination. When planning a studio apartment, a lot of walls are often demolished, and if the combination of living room and kitchen is a justified step, then the removal of the hallway is not always appropriate. After all, it's a little strange when a person from the street gets directly into the bedroom.
  2. Lack of lighting. This error is very common in many apartments. The best way out is multi-level lighting on the ceiling, on the walls, at the entrance door, near the mirror. For this purpose, point lights are perfect.
  3. The abundance of color in bright colors is also not a good idea for the corridor and hallway. But if the combination of colors is fairly harmonious, then they can be used, while not forgetting the white color. The white color of the ceiling and small interior details always softens the bright colors of the walls and floor and makes them more harmonious.
  4. The vestibule-warehouse is another mistake. It is not necessary to litter the already small space of the corridor with old things they can always be hidden on the mezzanines or in the pantry.
  5. Wrong choice of finishing materials. For the design of the hallway and corridor, you need to use strong and wear-resistant materials. And for these purposes, not quite fit textile wallpaper and parquet. To more durable materials, which will last much longer include linoleum, ceramic tiles, vinyl wallpaper or wall panels.
  6. The placement of a closet in a close hallway is also an unfortunate idea. In spacious rooms, it certainly looks appropriate, but in a narrow corridor it is better to use several separate pieces of furniture: a bedside table for shoes, a hanger, a mirror.
  7. Mirrors in the hallway can both help move apart the walls of the narrow room, and vice versa narrow it down. So the mirror opposite the front door will make the entrance hall even darker and narrower, and, on the other hand, "push" the walls.
  8. An obligatory condition for the repair of an apartment is the uniform style of all the doors in it. Sometimes during the repair, the owners forget about this detail and as a result we get a door cacophony.
  9. Avoid template solutions in decorating hallways. After all, renovation is capable of depersonalizing any room. Use original tricks and new materials to repair the corridor to maintain a sense of coziness in your home.
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