Mistakes of the interior

Monochromatic in the inrerior

One of the common mistakes of modern designers is blind following the fashion. And if the multicolored carpets and wallpaper in the flower is now really considered a mauveton, and monochrome interiors look more stylish, this does not mean that you need to go to extremes turning the interior into a boring faceless spot.

Sometimes monophonic interiors can shine with the mind, because imagine that you will be surrounded only by a purple color.

Red ceiling, floor and wallpaper, pink furniture and burgundy curtains. Such a combination can really drive anyone crazy.

A reasonable solution is to use a few quiet shades that do not contrast too much with each other.

To dilute a single-colored interior, you can also use the addition of bright accessories, frames for photos or unobtrusive prints.

Do not be afraid to dilute the solid interior with bright colors. The monochrome interior certainly looks more stylish, but it can easily become a backdrop for the bright details of your interior that will breathe life into it!

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