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Color combination in the bedroom

A harmonious combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom can be divided into three types:

contrast - when used in the interior of two contrasting hues, while the bedroom is bright enough and this combination is more suitable for the interior of the living room;

monochrome - a combination of shades of the same color, this combination is suitable for the bedroom most, as it creates a soothing atmosphere in the room;

mixed - this combination assumes that the main color should be approximated to the pure one, for example, blue, yellow, red, and the shades should be used in detail.

There is one more rule of combining colors in the bedroom: the color of the walls in the bedroom must necessarily be combined with the color of the furniture.

If the walls in your bedroom are saturated colors, then the furniture must be necessarily light. And bright color is best to single out one wall in the bedroom, the one that is near the bed. Since if you paint all the walls, then the result will be tedious for the hosts of the bedroom. Therefore, the rest of the walls are best to decorate in quiet shades and decorate them with a bright picture or panel.

Examples of color combinations in the bedroom design:

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