Light in the interior

And did you know that light in the interior can be used to zoning the room? The light is able to transform even the most ordinary interior of a room, with its help it is possible to allocate the necessary zones in the room and hide the shortcomings of the layout.Lighting in the apartment's apartment plays an equally important role than in the theater. After all, the play of light and shadow mysteriously transforms the appearance of the room. And with the help of optical illusions, it becomes possible to manipulate the light zones, while creating local accents of the general space of the room. With the help of light, you can also visually expand the room by changing it beyond recognition.

So, let's see how exactly light can advantageously emphasize all the dignity of your house ...Experts identify three areas of illumination: upper, middle and lower light.Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Upper light.Recently, it has become fashionable to use point light on the ceiling, and chandeliers have become less popular. But few people know that a dot light illuminates only the room, while the ceiling remains in the shade, which contributes to optical illusion and visually makes the ceiling lower. If you use a combination of point light with a chandelier, it allows you to adjust the lighting of the necessary zones. And in itself a chandelier is a decorative element, complementing the integrity of the design composition of the room.

Medium light.
Illumination of the room will be more even if you supplement the interior with medium-light sources, such as floor lamps, sconces, local illumination of mirrors and paintings. With the help of such sources of local lighting, you can create a fairly impressive design. In addition, the local light is very convenient, and if necessary, giving the interior a special softness of intimate lighting, it is absolutely indispensable. Just turn off the upper light, leaving the medium-light sources turned on.

Bottom light.
The lower light is not an indispensable element of the interior, but with its use, the lower backlight is capable of doing wonders. Try to make the highlight of the bed base and you will have a feeling that it is floating in the air. Usually, the lower light is used for safety and convenience. For example, the lower light can illuminate the staircase or dark corridor.

Artificial light is an indispensable tool for transforming the design of your interior.
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