Crystal Casket

The house is located in a picturesque place near the sea in the suburbs of Odessa.The style of the house combines elements of neoclassicism and art deco.Kitchen-living room can easily be transformed to the needs of the customer. For example, a glass transformer table can be expanded and placed in the center of the room, if necessary to receive guests. The sofa with the TV can be swapped at the workstation. For this, the sockets under the TV are in both walls.A compact but comfortable kitchen contains everything a hostess needs - built-in appliances, a dishwasher, storage space and showcases with internal lights. Fits even a small TV. So the hostess can always find the right video recipe on the Internet or just not miss your favorite TV show while cooking. And also, while the hostess is cooking, guests can sit beside the bar, drink a cup of coffee.On the first floor there is another guest room and a bathroom.On the second floor there is a large and roomy dressing room. Thanks to this the bedroom turned out to be spacious and roomy. The partition between the master and guest bedrooms was made by zigzag. So in both rooms turned out niches for small cabinets. In the guest bedroom a cupboard is built in the niche, and from the arc side, false panels are glued to the wall, exactly repeating the facades of the cabinet. So it was possible to achieve symmetry.Also managed to make a separate living space in the attic - a bedroom, a storage system and a bathroom.

Studio (1 floor)

Guest room (1 floor)

Bathroom (1 floor)

Bedroom (2 floor)

Guest room (2 floor)

Walk-in closet (2 floor)

Bathroom (2 floor)

Bedroom (attic)

Bathroom (attic)

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