House on Mironov str.

Apartment in the living complex "House on Mironov" in Dnipro.The apartment is free planning, which allowed to arrange the rooms as comfortable as possible for the customer.
The walls and ceiling are painted white in semi-matt paint, which visually dissolves the borders and gives a beautiful silky-matt effect. At the same time, decorative plaster with a velvet effect of gray color is especially well-marked on a white background.In the kitchen-living room wall are laid out with the effect of "soaring walls" - from the bottom, instead of the skirting, a cutout with illumination.Kitchen by Italian manufacturer Modulnova could not be better fitted into the design of the room. With its external minimalism, it very ergonomically accommodated a large enough storage system and built-in technology.
The main feature of the bedroom is the "soaring" bed. The unique design of the bed, developed by the engineers of the Italian factory Alf creates the feeling that the bed really does not rest on the floor. The model is called - Aladino.In the bedroom behind the decorative partition also fit and working area. Book shelves in the work area also create a floating effect due to the absence of the body part.
Bath also repeats the minimal design of the whole apartment. The tile with the effect of concrete and granite gives a sense of peace and reliability.
Of course, to ensure minimalism in the whole apartment, you need a roomy dressing room. In the apartment, it performs the role not only of storing things, but also of the laundry, ironing, and technical room.

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