House in the village

How pleasant childhood memories of the summer spent in the village are! Fields, expanses, a river and the smell of milk from grandmother's hands!

A young couple who bought an apartment in a new building, very much wanted to save these wonderful memories and to realize at home the same feeling of warmth and comfort that was remembered since childhood.

From the windows of the kitchen-living room there is a beautiful view of the field and the Dnieper. And that the view from the window organically fit into the interior, we came to a joint decision, the interior should be in the country style. It is necessary to include all modern conveniences.

The interior uses natural materials - wood in the finish of the floor and in furniture, linen and other natural fabrics in textiles. Natural materials create a sense of rural simplicity and family comfort.

However, they did not refuse to renounce all modern conveniences. The interior has a lot of modern kitchen appliances, an audio system, a children's furniture-transformer and also a folding Swedish wall.

Created by web-studio Sommelier, 2017