The customer originally wanted to make an apartment in Scandinavian style. Elegant northern simplicity, the use of natural materials and a lot of white color are distinctive features of the style. The apartment has low ceilings, white walls with a white ceiling visually dissolve the boundaries and the ceiling does not seem oppressive.

To ensure that the white color does not seem too cold and boring, the project uses a variety of shades of white and different textures. All accents are made on furniture, textiles and decor.

A redevelopment was made. The kitchen is combined with an adjacent room and a corridor. Pantries are demolished. However, the resulting space was also divided into 3 zones - an entrance area, a kitchen with a dining area and a living room. This zoning was made more conditional, due to furniture and a decorative partition.

The bathroom is enlarged and redeveloped. Thanks to this, a more comfortable bathtub was placed. Also in the closet fit a washing machine and a boiler.Both loggias are glazed and insulated. That allowed on one of them to organize a rest room with panoramic windows.

Created by web-studio Sommelier, 2017