Customers are an energetic and uncommon married couple. It can safely say that the design of the apartment was also very positive.The project used a lot of correct geometric shapes and light tones. However, the difference in textures, shades, light and color accents makes the interior dynamic.

Mirrors and various glossy surfaces are also added to the original gloss.The apartment is open plan.

This allowed the most convenient to place a rather large bathroom with a spacious storage room, a spacious kitchen-studio, a comfortable entrance hall, bedroom and even a small but comfortable cabinet. We made places many storage places for both wardrobe and personal belongings, as well as household items.

Since the cabinet is small and the TV cabinet could interfere with opening the door, we made one common table-top, which is both a TV stand and a computer desk. The form of the countertop resembles a rectangular triangle, where the narrowest part at the door, and the widest one at the window, is the working area.

Bathroom is so convenient too. There is a roomy shower room and a bath with an extra shelf for accessories. To the right of the washbasin there is a spacious storage room, in which there is a washing machine with a boiler, and a storage system for households. accessories, and a folding ironing board. And when, standing in front of the washbasin with a mirror, you need to use a hair dryer or electric shaver - you just have to push the door of the pantry. All the necessary outlets and small household appliances are hidden there, albeit in easy accessibility.

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