One and two-bedroom apartments on one site were combined into one comfortable and spacious four-room apartment. In addition to living rooms, it was possible to place two large wardrobes and a dressing room. There is also a storage system in the nursery. In turn, the cloak-room also housed a laundry.Customers - a young married couple - wanted to incorporate natural materials into modern laconic design. Wood in furniture and decoration, linen and cotton in textiles, gunny in the upholstery of the sofa, cork cover - all this creates a feeling of comfort, coziness and closeness with nature.In decoration, in addition to natural materials, there are many walls with an imitation of painted brick. It also adds a kind of naturalness effect. Even in the bathroom is tile with various textures - bricks, waves and bee honeycombs.In the bedroom, one wall is reserved for art painting, and in the kids room the child can show his creativity himself! One of the walls has a marker coating - you can draw as many paint markers on the wall without damage the repair!

Created by web-studio Sommelier, 2017