The hall for the reception of international delegations in the SE Ivchenko-PROGRESS is made in the style of contemporary, rather minimalistic, which allows less distraction from work tasks. But at the same time many natural materials are used in the room, which creates an environment for decision-making.
For presentations, one workstation is used, to which a control laptop is connected. Through it, presentations are delivered both to the projector and to 4 monitors. For the convenience of each member of the delegation, the curbstone with monitors can be lowered to a comfortable height. This solution allows you not to turn away from each other while watching presentations. There is also a conference call with simultaneous interpretation.
The projector and the channel conditioner are built into the ceiling elements, which fits seamlessly into the overall design of the room.
In the side of the hall there is a room for coffee breaks. It is separated by a so-called smart glass. In constant mode, the glass is completely opaque. So people who are in the hall do not see how the preparations for the coffee break are going and are not distracted from the negotiations. By pressing the button of the remote, the glass becomes completely transparent when you need to invite guests to the table.

Hall for international delegations

Created by web-studio Sommelier, 2017