For more comfortable and quality service to its customers, PJSC "Zaporozhgaz" opens a Single Window.A large space has no partitions, which is convenient for all personnel jobs and a waiting place for customers.At the entrance the person at once the secretary meets who will help to take the coupon to the electronic queue system.Having registered with a specialist, a visitor can sit on a sofa, leaf through advertising brochures or information for clients. Or drink coffee from the coffee machine. It is from this perspective that the client sees the screen with the queue.It was necessary to occupy the place of a specialist who calls to customers. In order not to distract each other from their work, the place of the telephone operator was separated by a glass partition.The main idea of the Single Window is maximum openness for customers. However, in this open space it was possible to hide a room for staff with a wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom. And then we used the principle "you want something to hide - put it in the most prominent place." In the center of the room we separated a square room for the staff. And to its front side with the company logo on the sides attached rounded "ears", behind which the doors to the room are hidden. In this way, customers do not see the doors. And the main focus is on the convenience of visitors.

Single window

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