Principales errores en el diseño de interiores

Mistakes in the interior. Excess decor - everything should be a measure

As gray everyday life you want to dilute with bright colors, and the ordinary interior of our apartment you want to make bright and unique. To this end, many of us use decor elements, which refresh and revive the bored grayness and routine. But sometimes, in pursuit of uniqueness, we forget about the measure.

Today we will talk about the mistakes in the interior, which arise when saturation with its decor.

So, what not to do in pursuit of the individuality of your home:

- do not use more than one large photo in one room, otherwise you can deprive it of comfort. It is better to hang one large and several medium and small photographs around - this technique focuses on the main photo and creates a feeling of a single composition;

- a large number of souvenirs in all corners and on all surfaces of your room just overload the design and make the room too intricate. To decorate your interior, it's enough to focus on one or, at most, two key interior details;

- live flowers (in pots) - this is wonderful, but do not turn your room into a botanical garden, to revive your interior, enough 1-2 flowers;

- an important point is also the correct placement of decor elements - pictures, photographs or mirrors should be placed at eye level. Otherwise, incorrect hanging of these elements will spoil the interior perspective and break the geometry of space.

The abundance of accessories and clutter of space - the worst enemies of beauty and convenience.

Remember, in everything you need to know the measure! 

Successful experiments!

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